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April 2021

By 17 March 2021August 7th, 2023Issue, North&South


Illustration by Paul Blow

On The Cover: Lost In The Clouds

As a new generation gets hooked on nicotine, New Zealand’s approach to vaping has been bafflingly lax.

By Don Rowe

It’s Business Time lift-off, 11 November 2018. Photo: Rocket Lab.

Mahia, We Have A Problem

As the superstar Kiwi startup takes on work for the US military, a tiny beach community faces some major moral dilemmas.

By Ollie Neas

Herman Knippenberg. photo: Victoria Birkinshaw

Herman And The Serpent

How a retired Wellington diplomat brought a notorious serial killer to justice.

By Tobias Buck

Photo: Cameron McLaren

Open All Hours

The people who work and live in New Zealand’s corner dairies.

By Cameron McLaren

Four Corners

photo: Michael Hayward, Department of Conservation

Fish ‘n’ Liquor

By Aimie Cronin

The Hardcore Gulls of Christchurch

By Felicity Price

Plus: Joe Biden’s Kiwi road trip; a brief history of agricultural oddities.

Culture Etc.

Teeks performing during his intimate churches tour last December. Photo: Courtesy Sony.

Old Soul

27-year-old Teeks sounds like a cross between Adele and Elvis Presley. And he’s poised to become New Zealand’s next international superstar.

By Madeleine Chapman

About Town: Dunedin

By Morgan Godfery

Inheriting Cousins

Why a film adaptation of Patricia Grace’s seminal novel took 16 years to make it to our screens.

By Madeleine Chapman

Bosker Days

What do we lose when an iconic piece of New Zealand slang is uttered for the very last time?

By John Summers

Cancel Culture, 1880s Style

The complicated history of boycotts in New Zealand — no twitter account required.

By Scott Hamilton

The National Gallery

Featuring work by a New Zealand amateur artist every month.

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