On Our Cover

The labour market is red hot — so why are hundreds of thousands of workers poor, insecure and stressed?

By Rebecca Macfie

Illustrations by Daron Parton



The Dark Side of the Moon

Is New Zealand lending support to an aggressive American push to commercialise outer space?

By Kate Evans

Can Greyhound Racing Survive?

With damning reports of injury and doping, a once-fashionable sport is officially on notice.

By Mirjam Guesgen

How to Buy a Mountain

How crowdfunding is saving our precious places.

By Sally Blundell

Prince of the Commune

A rare and disturbing conversation.

By Anke Richter

Hired Guns

Hundreds of former New Zealand soldiers have gone on to lucrative careers as private contractors, often experiencing deep trauma when they return home.

By Pete McKenzie

High Growth

How hemp went from a niche interest of hippie enthusiasts to an industrial cash crop with serious market potential.

By Oliver Lewis

The Roaring Game

Curling is a sport with a 500-year-old history, but one mystery still remains: why the game’s distinctive stones move the way they do.

By Laurie Winkless

A Tale of Two Churches

Why is Christchurch restoring its Anglican cathedral but destroying the architecturally significant Catholic basilica?

By Sally Blundell

Culture Etc.


The Best Berry

The secret history of New Zealand's Boysenberry

By Don Rowe

This Everest of a Role

Simon O’Neill, a world-renowned Wagnerian tenor, prepares to sing one of opera’s most challenging characters.

By Paul Little

About Town: Point Wells

Butting up against wealthy Omaha, this sleepy beach town is determined to stay that way.

By Helen Glenny

Hard Sleep

On a night train, even a disillusioned traveller can sleep like a baby.

By John Summers

About Town: Whanganui

Small but perfectly formed, this river town is a creative haven that hums with a vibrant art scene.

By Kiran Dass

The Alchemist

Christ Booth has spent much of his prolific art career flying just below the radar.

By Garth Cartwright

About Town: Te Anau

Sparsely populated Fiordland is even emptier thanks to Covid. That's a source of anxiety for local businesses, but just one more reason for the rest of us to visit.

By Sonya Wilson

Simply Red

The trend upending everything you thought you knew about red wine.

By Jo Burzynska

Partner Content


The Role of Genes

Unichem and Life Pharmacies

Four Corners


Under Siege

Just another day at the local castle.


The story of the man who built Wellington’s strangest landmark.

Cut to the Chase

The Beehive's barber of choice bids farewell.

The most powerful man in Huntly

Meet the man pulling the strings in a town he says the rest of the country has forgotten.

Bath and Beyond

The second life of a dilapidated swimming pool.

Fish ‘n’ Liquor

How a brutal attack turned two Hamilton shopkeepers into (sort of) friends.

The Scholar of Doom

Meet the man who has forseen Covid, border closures — and much worse.

Mussel Men

A futuristic vision for shellfish farming.

Utopia Lab


Too Many People Are Dying On Our Roads

We need better roads, not better people.

Intensive Dairy Farming Is Killing The Environment

New Zealand should halve its number of cows.

The Criminal Justice System Is Broken

How we could reduce crime by locking up less people.

Why We Should Borrow More Money

A case for changing the way we think about national debt.

Bring Back the Glory Days of Rail

Why it's a smart idea to re-invest heavily in our national rail system.



By Any Other Name

How long has Aotearoa been a name for these islands?

Bad Dreams

Could a mysterious sleeping sickness from the early 20th century give us clues for navigating the uncertain prospect of "long Covid”?

From America With Love

A promising start with the Biden White House is just the latest twist in the US-NZ relationship.

Gumdiggers and Nude Trampers

We aren’t the first New Zealanders to embark on domestic adventures after being deprived of travel abroad.

Cook Island Connections

The Cooks have a fascinating history and connected in some surprising ways to our own.
An anti-vaccination cartoon from the late 1800s.

Big lessons from smallpox

Long before Covid-19, people have been sceptical about life-saving vaccines.

Cancel Culture, 1880s Style

The rich history of boycotts dates back to the 19th century — no Twitter account required.

From the Islands

The troubled history of imported labour in the Pacific.

Archive Highlights


Bert’s Labyrinth

Survivors are finally speaking out — but years earlier, a journalist tried to publish the inside story of the notorious Auckland commune. Then she came too close.

By Anke Richter


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