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Did John Campbell cross a line?

19 February 2024 in Cover Story, Feature Article, North&South

Objectively Speaking

John Campbell’s recent op-eds reignite longstanding arguments. By Jeremy Rose
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A lonely death at Horseshoe Lake

| Feature Article, North&South | No Comments
Charlie Mitchell ponders the mystery of the death of a lone woman, who remained the last resident in Christchurch’s red zone district. By Charlie Mitchell

How much a dollar cost

| Feature Article, North&South, PIJF | No Comments
North & South speaks with KiwiSaver providers and an ethical investment charity to understand how Israel’s war on Gaza could influence your KiwiSaver. By Theo Macondald

The price of milk

| Feature Article | No Comments
The slaughter of bobby calves — 1.9 million of them last year alone — is a sensitive topic for our dairy producers. By Karen Trebilcock

Lost Property

| Feature Article, North&South | No Comments
The battle over Sticky Forest. By George Driver

Mind Shift

| Feature Article, North&South | No Comments
Ketamine is changing the lives of depression sufferers for whom nothing else has worked, but it is only getting to a fraction of those it could help. New Zealand researchers are at the forefront of a push to make it more available. By James Borrowdale

Counting Change

| Feature Article, North&South | No Comments
Simplicity looks at how KiwiSaver policy changes past, present, and future have (and might) impact our collective future wealth. By Liv Lewis-Long
22 January 2024 in Feature Article, North&South

A state of denial

The coalition government is scrapping a commitment to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in child-welfare legislation, but the past will not be erased. By Aaron Smale
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24 December 2023 in Feature Article, North&South

A Terrible Trap

As more countries move to restrict the use of puberty blocking hormones for children with gender dysphoria, use in New Zealand continues to increase. Charlotte Paul says our health authorities must act. By Charlotte Paul
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18 December 2023 in Cover Story, Feature Article, North&South

High impact

Legal hearings in London are placing the spotlight on the risks of traumatic brain injury from playing rugby. Meanwhile, scientists in Aotearoa New Zealand are using new technology to seek answers about how much risk is too much. By Bridget Van Der Zijpp
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19 February 2024 in Culture Etc, North&South

Foreskin’s Lament

Before puberty, most Filipino boys undergo tuli — traditional circumcision. New Zealand-based writer Joseph Trinidad recalls his own rite of passage. By Joseph Trinidad
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State of The National

| Culture Etc, North&South | No Comments
The National have returned after the pandemic and personal struggles with two new albums in 2023, as well a renewed engagement with their backlist. Ahead of their New Zealand tour, Emily Perkins talks to bass player Scott Devendorf. By Emily Perkins

Dare to hope

| Culture Etc, North&South | No Comments
This Black Caps team have racked up achievements earlier generations could only dream of, but have yet to deliver the test-cricket result their fans crave most. Time to buckle in: the Australians are coming. By John Newton

My first ever…Death threat

| Culture Etc | No Comments
When hate mail about a poem inspires more poetry. By Tusiata Avia
19 February 2024 in Around ngā motu, North&South, PIJF

Sāmoan first, an artist second

Comic artist, wrestler and activist Michel Mulipola has become a public face of Pasifika-Palestinian solidarity in Aotearoa. By Theo Macdonald
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lab grown kelp underwater

Help for Kelp

| Around ngā motu, North&South | No Comments
This winter, baby giant kelp is being planted into Wellington Harbour / Te Whanganui-a-Tara, where great seaweed forests once thrived. By Gabi Lardies

Earnscleugh Station

| Around ngā motu, North&South, PIJF | No Comments
Two Aucklanders take on a classic but unfinished Central Otago grand home.

Lessons from a Church Wall

| Around ngā motu, North&South | No Comments
Fashion designer Karen Walker finds threads of family history in a Katikati mural.
10 June 2022 in Backstory, North&South

The Northern Bear

Our relationship with Russia has been characterised by instability — cycling between friend and foe, the nation and its citizens have often become symbols of our own fear and anxieties.
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The Lost Islands

| Backstory, North&South | No Comments
Historic artefacts washed up by the tides hint at lost lands whose full stories we can only guess at.

Beyond the Badlands

| Backstory, North&South | No Comments
Strange monsters and ominous ghosts can be traced to repressed memories of violent histories, argues one Australian researcher looking at the past through a novel lens.

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