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Can Minister of Health Dr. Shane Reti deliver the shot in the arm our health sector so desperately needs?

6 May 2024 in Cover Story, Feature Article, PIJF

Great expectations

Last month, North & South investigated how New Zealand’s 19th and 20th-century education system deliberately steered Māori students towards low-skill, low-paid employment. Is this still the case today? Aaron Smale reports in part two of a three part investigation. By Aaron Smale
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Our Tech Tipping Problem

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Almost all of our electronics end up in landfill, and e-waste recycling is largely user-pays. What should happen to it and who should pay? By George Driver
Doctor Shane

Doctor in the house

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He’s the first Māori minister of health in nearly 99 years, but it took Dr Shane Reti fewer than 99 days to scrap Te Aka Whai Ora Māori Health Authority, which Māori health advocates spent years fighting for. By Jeremy Rose

Gurdwara Wars

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How a dispute over a Sikh homeland in India led to religious fanaticism and a bloody attempted assassination in New Zealand. By Pete McKenzie

TAKING MERINO TO THE WORLD: Global retailing in rural New Zealand

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Raised in the wool industry, The Wool Company CEO Margot Riach’s knowledge of each product’s journey from farm to garment helps her and her team deliver products customers can rely on. By Theo Macdonald

Sipping Sustainability: Dilmah tea brews a green legacy

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The social and environmental initiatives from Dilmah reveal that your cup of tea involves a lot more decision-making than just a splash of milk or a dash of sugar.

Great Expectations

| Feature Article, North&South | No Comments
New Zealand’s future workforce is going to increasingly be brown. But is our education system stuck in a past of low expectations for Maori students that threatens the country’s future prosperity? By Aaron Smale
25 March 2024 in Feature Article, North&South

Power hungry

Silicon Valley believes more computation is essential for progress. But it ignores the resource burden and doesn’t care if the benefits materialise.By Paris Marx
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19 February 2024 in Cover Story, Feature Article, North&South

Objectively Speaking

John Campbell’s recent op-eds reignite longstanding arguments. By Jeremy Rose
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19 February 2024 in Feature Article, North&South

A lonely death at Horseshoe Lake

Charlie Mitchell ponders the mystery of the death of a lone woman, who remained the last resident in Christchurch’s red zone district. By Charlie Mitchell
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6 May 2024 in Culture Etc, North&South

Long Exposure

A new book and touring exhibition assembles extraordinary photographs from New Zealand’s colonial history to inspire questions about the faces, places, triumphs and injustices which still influence this fractured nation. By Theo McDonald.
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Divine symmetry

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In her new exhibition, contemporary artist Julia Morison channels a new source of influence through her otherworldly art practice: the Swedish artist and mystic Hilma af Klint. By Theo Macdonald

Less is more

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In just over three decades, New Zealand’s lamb export industry has undergone a remarkable transformation. Beef + Lamb New Zealand explains how the industry maximises from less.

The devil reps pharma

| Culture Etc, North&South | No Comments
Jarod Rawiri tells North & South about working on Auckland Theatre Company’s latest play, The Effect, written by Succession writer-producer Lucy Prebble.
25 March 2024 in Around ngā motu, North&South, Sponsored Content

Sustainable Southland

Welcome to Southland — Nau mai, haere mai ki Murihiku! Let’s take care of this place together.
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Ticket to paradise

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Meet the owners of one of Fiordland’s most trusted charter operators. By Jason Harman

Sāmoan first, an artist second

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Comic artist, wrestler and activist Michel Mulipola has become a public face of Pasifika-Palestinian solidarity in Aotearoa. By Theo Macdonald
lab grown kelp underwater

Help for Kelp

| Around ngā motu, North&South | No Comments
This winter, baby giant kelp is being planted into Wellington Harbour / Te Whanganui-a-Tara, where great seaweed forests once thrived. By Gabi Lardies
10 June 2022 in Backstory, North&South

The Northern Bear

Our relationship with Russia has been characterised by instability — cycling between friend and foe, the nation and its citizens have often become symbols of our own fear and anxieties.
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The Lost Islands

| Backstory, North&South | No Comments
Historic artefacts washed up by the tides hint at lost lands whose full stories we can only guess at.

Beyond the Badlands

| Backstory, North&South | No Comments
Strange monsters and ominous ghosts can be traced to repressed memories of violent histories, argues one Australian researcher looking at the past through a novel lens.

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