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October 2023

By 18 September 2023November 29th, 2023Issue, North&South


Photo courtesy of Sophie Ottaway

A boy named Sophie

Forgiveness follows anger and distress over a medical decision that now seems horribly wrong.

By Jessamy Calkin

David Galler

The heart of the matter

An intensivist’s prescription for reforming the healthcare system.

By David Galler

Salt Lake, Yerevan.

Beyond Babylon

The most captivating little country south of Georgia.

By Anastasia Doniants

Photo: The large rock that is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite.

Twenty-one cerulean beaches

Blissful Cyprus puts life in perspective.

By Mya Cole

One small cut

A family enters the twilight world of intensive care.

By Lily Richards

A simple French meal

In Cannes, they know how to have a good night out.

By Ligaya Mishan

Foreign exchange in a world of change

Simplicity offers some some tips for maximising your precious New Zealand dollars overseas.

By Liv Lewis-Long

Photo: Hobbiton, Matamata. Photo: Shutterstock


By Derek Henderson

The map

By Nadia Shaw-Owens

Punahau pilgrimage

By Melanie Newfield

Photo: Bill Culbert, Self Portrait, 1953.

Saying the quiet part in 72pt font

Fighting unfairness in the design industry.

By Theo Macdonald

Portrait of the artist as a dead man

The massive task of bringing home Bill Culbert’s studio.

By Theo Macdonald

Meet the maker

Hannah Ireland’s people-rich paintings are winning awards.

By Theo Macdonald

National treasures

Precious cargo in a Pātea museum.

By Lindsay Wright

Couch surfing

The allure of on-screen psychotherapy.

By Dr Curious

My first ever

A documentary with a lasting impact.
By Annie Goldson


Birds inspire poets the world over.

By Bill Manhire

Photo: Michael McKegg, courtesy Sarjeant Gallery


Art, memoir and a couple of novels.

By Theo Macdonald


Try our latest Spotify playlist.

By Victoria Spence


New and noticed.

By Theo Macdonald

Photos: by Jane Ussher, from The Abundant Garden by Yotam & Niva Kay


Feeding thousands from a modest plot.

By Rosemary Barraclough


Try our spectacular dinner party menu.

By Martin Benn and Vicki Wild

The good life

Peace and good neighbours in Napier.

By Nicola Giles


Crosswords and more.

By Graeme Wilson

Save the date

Art, music, books and an obstacle course!

By Nadia Shaw-Owens

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