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Insight Vacations launch small group, women-only tours

By 20 March 2024March 27th, 2024Culture Etc, North&South, Sponsored Content
Insights Vacations


Insights Vacations

Insight Vacations launch small group, women-only tours created for women, by women, to encourage solo travel


Insight Vacations has announced it will launch small group, women-only tours to encourage solo travel and spotlight women in the travel industry, beginning in 2025. The development of Insight Vacations’ Women-Only Tours comes after research with Journey Women, in which they surveyed over 1,000 female travellers. Results showed that 65% of those surveyed “look for tour companies that offer women-only tours or solo trips for women” while 43% “feel the travel industry doesn’t cater for solo or older female travellers.” 

On the new tours, travellers will have the opportunity to explore more cultures and celebrate women’s achievements across countries, meet other like minded women and forge lifelong friendships, or even fulfill a Golden Gap Year dream. Insight Vacations’ Women-Only Tours cater to all. The small group tours made up of a maximum of 24 guests will follow exciting routes with stays in stylish hand picked hotels, meals in top-rated dining spots and stress-free travel created for women, by women. 

Additionally, Insight Vacations’ investment in women’s solo travel has increased with their MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences available on each of the women-only tours, all of which support the UN’s official theme of this year’s International Women’s Day – “Invest in women: Accelerate progress.” These extra special and inspiring travel experiences encourage travellers not only to support the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, but also important local traditions and businesses owned by women. 

Insights Vacations

During the Country Roads of the Deep South tour, travellers can learn about the women’s civil rights movement including notable figures such as Frances Wright, Ida Be Wells, and the Lee Sisters during the Courageous Women Fighting for Women’s Rights, Civil Rights and Justice for All Tour. The local specialist conducting the tour is also of great importance – Elaine Turner. Elaine Lee Turner has served the Memphis community in various capacities as an educator, civil rights activist, entrepreneur and historian. Guests on the Country Roads of Italy Tour will have the opportunity to meet with a weaving association in Perugia that’s owned and run by women, and on the Best of Morrocco Tour, travellers can attend a baking class at a women’s cooperative which empowers women to become professional chefs. 

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Louise Levesque, Insight Vacations General Manager says, “As a travel brand we are always intent on inspiring inclusion, which is why we wanted to open doors to these women on what is a special global day around the world. Our women-only tours are something we’ve carefully developed for women, by women to meet their unique needs whether it is exploring new cultures, overcoming their fears, or meeting new friends.” 

The Journey Women research also noted that 73% of women surveyed seek recommendations and travel advice from other women before travelling solo. This is above local government websites, tour companies and mainstream media. Insight Vacations are launching a new social travel group on Facebook for women: “Insight Vacations Women-Only Travel Community”. With this group, Insight Vacations hope to encourage women to join and discuss travel among themselves, share tips, and find others with similar interests. Furthermore, a recent Demographic Survey run by The Travel Corporation, Insight Vacations’ parent company, across the full brand portfolio workforce, revealed a notable gender distribution, with an impressive 65% comprising talented and dedicated females. It is these women in senior positions who coordinate and design the tours specifically for women. 

“We’ve always known the importance of listening to women when it comes to our tours, now women-only trips spans across five different continents. We make sure we have looked at all the details like having plenty of solo rooms available for our guests, and we are always looking to create exceptional experiences that enable women to explore the world with confidence and curiosity,” says Levesque. 

For full details on each of Insight Vacations’ new women-only tours and to avail of 8% off until 31st May 2024, visit Insight Vacations.