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A journey beyond the ordinary


A journey beyond the ordinary

Forget the heavy packs and rough shelters of traditional hikes The Hollyford Wilderness Experience redefines outdoor adventure with luxury lodges featuring private ensuites, hot showers, drying rooms, and lodge hosts who serve exquisite three-course meals. The accommodation, recently upgraded to enhance guest comfort, provides a serene retreat after a day of exploration. Marrying luxury with the raw beauty of New Zealand’s wilderness in the heart of Fiordland National Park.

With exclusive small group tours, this unique journey promises splendour, comfort, and a deep connection to one of New Zealand’s most remote and beautiful landscapes. Traverse the Hollyford Track on foot, glide along pristine waters on an exhilarating jet boat ride, and soar above the breathtaking Milford Sound on a once in a lifetime helicopter trip. This diverse itinerary allows you to experience the full spectrum of the valley’s phenomenal scenery, from towering mountains and ancient podocarp forests to the rugged West Coast.

Central to the Hollyford Wilderness Experience are the expert guides, whose passion and knowledge bring the valley to life. As you trek through this awe-inspiring landscape, your guides will share tales of early Māori and pioneers, weaving in local history, legends, and insights into the unique flora and fauna. Their storytelling transforms the journey into a rich cultural experience, deepening your connection to the land. Manaakitanga, the Māori concept of hospitality and respect, is at the heart of this experience, ensuring every guest feels welcomed and cared for.

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As you plan your 2024/25 adventures, consider the Hollyford Wilderness Experience a must-do, offering an elevated level of comfort and engagement, from the personalised service and high safety standards to the unforgettable landscapes and cultural connections. This journey is truly a bucket list experience.

More than just a guided walk, The Hollyford Wilderness Experience is a transformative adventure. Whether you’re exploring by foot, jetboat, or helicopter, each moment is crafted to provide a seamless blend of thrill and tranquillity. Book your place today and prepare to embark on a journey that promises memories to last a lifetime.

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