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July 2021

By 13 June 2021August 7th, 2023Issue, North&South


Illustration: Imogen Greenfield

Prince of the Commune

A rare and disturbing interview with a Centrepoint abuser.

By Anke Richter

Te Ahu Pātiki reserve. photo: Courtesy of Prof. Ekant Veer.

How To Buy a Mountain

Can crowdfunding save our precious places?

By Sally Blundell

Helen Kelly. photo: Brett Phibbs, New Zealand Herald

Stronger Together

Helen Kelly’s forestry campaign showed what a more inclusive union movement could look like.

By Rebecca Macfie

A Christmas message from Danie’s wife. photo: Supplied

Lost in Transit

Loved ones split by Covid-19 border closures are trapped in a cruel tangle of red tape and confusion.

By Branko Marcetic

“Open Home” photo essay. Photo: Vanessa Green.

Open Home

Finding the beauty in scenes of everyday domesticity.

Photos by Vanessa Green

Four Corners

Scents used for perfume-making. photo: Felicity Price.

Campervan Covid

A great escape turns into a horror show.

By Konstantin Richter

Professor of Perfume

A chemical engineer brings his science to the art of fragrance design.

By Felicity Price

Turk-ish Delight

Water tanks make surprisingly good huts in perilous places.

By Helen Glenny

Culture Etc.

Chris Booth. photo: Victoria Birkinshaw

The Alchemist

Sculptor Chris Booth has spent much of his prolific career flying just below the radar.

By Garth Cartwright

About Town: Whanganui

This river town is a creative haven that hums with a vibrant art scene.

By Kiran Dass

Betting on the Farm

The Palmerston North farm mobbed by foreign tourists while our borders are closed.

By Sharon Stephenson

Keeping the Lights On

How one of the last six video stores in New Zealand is staying afloat — for now.


Paul Little reviews a genre-bending new crime novel, a full-blooded comedy of modern manners, the history of the Pacific’s master navigators and colonial culture clashes in Aotearoa. Plus: an interview with Sue Orr on the history of abortion law reform.

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