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January 2024

By 18 December 2023March 4th, 2024Issue


Photo: Shutterstock

High Impact

With evidence piling up, do brain injuries risk ending our national sport?

By Bridget Van Der Zijpp

Photo: Jamie Wright

Siouxsie’s saga

A celeb academic challenges her employer in a case with national ramifications.

By Sasha Borissenko

Kevin Heyward with his coffin. Photo: Richard Brimer

Robot heart

The professor out front of the virtual physiology race.

By Nikki Mandow

Photo: Theo Macdonald

No church in the wild

Meet the youth discovering Christ.

By Theo Macdonald

‘All Watched Over…’ — Saint Maria De Perpetuo Succursu, or the Madonna of the Perpetual Succour, a 19th Century Chromolithograph, based upon a Byzantine original.

The Madonna & I

His partner’s faith means this agnostic sleeps amongst icons.

By David Herkt

Photo: Shutterstock

Fight or flight

Rising sea levels present a tough ultimatum for Dunedin homes below sea level.

By George Driver

Helius Therapeutics

Pain Relief

Unlocking the Healing Power

By Helius Therapeutics

Photo: Shutterstock

Tails from the year of the bunny

Assessing the year that was, predicting the year to come.

By Felix Navidad

Marinus van Reymerswaele’s painting The Banker and his Wife (1539). Taking after an earlier painting by Flemish Renaissance painter Quentin Matsys, art historians have interpreted van Raymerswaele’s painting as condemning avarice.

Open Sesame

A financial tech revolution offers greater consumer control in 2024.

By Theo Macdonald

Four Square, Taihape, 2021 by Harry Culy

Four corners

By Nadia Shaw-Owens

Photo: Sam Hartnett.

Sit on it

A new exhibition finds meaning in the New Zealand chair.

Theo Macdonald

John Roy

Ceramics and secrets with a Tauranga artist.

Theo Macdonald

Couch Surfing

Are we products by nature, nurture, or a mix of the two?

By Dr Curious


Definitions of poetry needn’t be dry or fussy.

By Bill Manhire


Crime, Covid and unprotected sects.

By Theo Macdonald


Brought to you by Westgold


Don’t hold back on the butter.

By Petra Galler

At the bach

Glimpsing an impossible life?

By Nigel Cox


Crosswords and more.

Look local: Queenstown

Things to love about the adventure capital.

By Kelly Carmichael

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