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July 2023

By 26 June 2023August 7th, 2023Issue, North&South


Photo: Luke Harvey

Murder in Paeroa

The unsolved murder of a much-loved pizza man continues to mystify and divide locals. A podcaster talks to those who knew Jordan Voudouris and unearths some surprises.

By Ryan Wolf

Photo: Getty

Flames of our shame

Little progress has been made to sort out New Zealand’s sordid and shabby boarding houses. Will the Loafers Lodge fire finally shake things up?

By Max Rashbrooke

Photo: Grant Duncan

Houses no one built

Back-and-forth between the left and the right does not get us closer to fixing public housing.

By Grant Duncan

Photo: George Driver

Bone hunters

Fossils from an ancient Central Otago lake bed provide clues about the bizarre creatures that once lived there.

By George Driver

Photo: Shutterstock

Never say goodbye

Macabre or moving? You can now live on forever in the virtual world.

By Noel O’Hare

Jamie Wright, Lake Hayes
This month’s featured photo is by Jamie Wright, of Lake Hayes, in Central Otago.


Celebrating vistas from around our nation.

By Jamie Wright

The map

Maritime misfortunes aplenty on our wild, dangerous coastlines.

By Nadia Shaw-Owens

My first ever

Memories of Matthew Arnold’s Requiescat.

By Bill Manhire

Shirley Hazlewood and her mechanical, carrot-munching horse. Photo by Lindsay Wright

Ten days in ICU

Like father like daughter: a touching tale of two stressful hospital stays.

By James Borrowdale

Kicking on

FIFA’s leading female administrator on why she advocates for women’s football on the world stage.

By Theo Macdonald

Living up to a name

Dancer and director Moss Te Ururangi Patterson on reclaiming te reo Māori, resilience and connecting with your roots.

By Elisabeth Easther

National treasures

A collection of galloping, jumping and prancing equine memorabilia comes with a remarkably heart-warming story.

By Lindsay Wright


A tattoo tidy-up uncovers the intriguing history of Cambodian body art.

By Markus Bell

Embracing the dry

A beautiful Central Otago garden, which thrives in arid conditions without any water, has attracted international admirers.

By Rosemary Barraclough

The poetry of porridge

Why humble porridge’s prosaic reputation deserves a rethink.

By Shan James


A new documentary puts cycling’s tightest seconds under the magnifying glass.

By Theo Macdonald

The July bookshelf

Paul Little writes his final North & South book review and bids us farewell, Colin Hogg talks to author Emily Perkins about her new novel, and Peter Bale interviews an author who knows all about the tricky China tightrope.


The Whiz Quiz and crossword, plus extra brain teasers this month.

By Graeme Wilson and Pam Hutton

Save the date

Festivals and live music are all the rage this month.

The back story

Ann Shelton’s acclaimed photography has links to wise women and witches.

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